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Why service your car?

Four benefits of regular vehicle servicing:

Saves money

Servicing maintains your fuel efficiency, parts requiring replacement are identified before they fail and it reduces your chance of having a breakdown – prevention is the key to saving you money on costly repairs.

Improves safety

Servicing also includes a list of safety checks, helping to identify and replace any worn parts and keeping critical components like the suspension, steering, and braking systems working.

Increases longevity

A consistently serviced engine and well looked after vehicle will last longer than a neglected one.

Retains resale value

A car with a full-service history is more attractive to buyers and is likely to attract a higher sale price.

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How do I know what Service my vehicle is due for?

In order to understand which service your vehicle may need, it is important to know the difference of each service.

Minor Service

Sometimes called a Basic or General Service; can form part of a Logbook Service Schedule.

This service includes:

  • engine oil change
  • new oil filter
  • comprehensive check over your vehicle.

Basic Service

This Service is recommended for vehicles that are past their Logbook Service Schedule but still require a regular oil change and service, to stay within budget without neglecting their vehicle.

Service includes:

  • engine oil change
  • new oil filter
  • comprehensive check over your vehicle
  • it is NOT part of a Logbook service schedule


Major Service

Major services usually include additional work on top of a minor service and will depend on your make, model and kms travelled; this may include:

  • replacing spark plugs
  • transmission oils
  • fuel filters
  • air cleaner filter
  • cabin filter
  • timing belts etc.


Logbook Service

The ACCC have consistently confirmed that under Australian Law, you are free to have your Logbook Service carried out by a mechanic of your choice provided they are Qualified, only use OEM-equivalent (or better) parts and follow the ACCC Manufacturer’s Warranty and Aftermarket Servicing Guidelines.

To retain your New Car Warranty a RAMS Autocare Logbook Service includes:

  • Vehicle serviced to Logbook requirements
  • Penrite Oils
  • Ryco Oil filters
  • OEM-equivalent or better parts
  • Logbook stamped by our team of Qualified Mechanics
  • Manufacturer’s Statutory Warranty maintained
  • Full written report.

RAMS Autocare Logbook servicing will save you significantly compared to dealership servicing costs.

For more information contact your friendly team at RAMS Autocare or consult your owner’s manual.

* It’s important to note that minor and major services are a part of your logbook service schedules and it is recommended that you do not miss these services.

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