What are the signs of a failing radiator? If you suspect your radiator is failing, watch for the following symptoms:

  • Vehicle Overheats – If your vehicle is constantly overheating, you may have a blocked radiator or it may be failing. One of the most common failures in vehicles that overheat is a failing radiator since it is the only way engine coolant is cooled. It may not be to the point where it has completely failed, so the issue should be addressed immediately. If this problem is left unattended, the engine will continue to overheat and cause possible head damage and the vehicle to break down. When this happens, the repair will be much more extensive, so it is a good idea to address the issue as soon as the vehicle starts to overheat. Our team at RAMS Autocare will diagnose and offer the best Cost Effective way to have your vehicle repaired and back on the road safely.

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  • Leaking coolant onto the floor – If there is a leak in the radiator, coolant will leak onto the floor underneath the vehicle, it may be while you are driving or while your vehicle is parked. If this occurs our team at RAMS Autocare will do a FREE pressure test and positively identify if you have a leak or crack in your radiator. It could be something as simple as a split hose, at RAMS Autocare we will offer the most Cost Effective way to have your vehicle repaired and back on the road quickly & safely.
  • Sludge in the radiator – The coolant in your vehicle should typically be Red or Green, if your radiator is failing contaminants may discolour the fluid turning it a rusty brown or oil colour. As this turns into sludge it slows the coolant from circulating through the radiator and engine block causing the engine to overheat and possibly damage the engine. Your temperature may be displaying a higher than normal reading, if you suspect this, the radiator will need to be checked. Our team at RAMS Autocare will diagnose and offer the best solution to address the issue in the most Cost Effective way.
  • Low Coolant – If your low coolant light comes on or you are constantly refilling your coolant tank, there may be a leak in the radiator or one of the hoses has a leak. If there is no sign of coolant leaking from the engine, it could be leaking internally. This could be a sign that could point to a more serious problem. As well as checking the coolant level keep an eye on the temperature gauge, if the needle rises out of its normal range, this will often trigger a warning light or tone and could also signal a fault within your cooling system. Either way, it’s important to have this checked out. Do not just keep refilling your coolant, bring your vehicle to us at RAMS Autocare and have it properly diagnosed.

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