Battery and Alternator

The battery has a pretty important job providing the electrical power necessary to start the vehicle, it is charged by the alternator when the vehicle is running. It is also where the extra power generated is stored.

As a battery ages, the performance diminishes and will make it difficult or impossible to start your car. Operating a vehicle with a failing battery or charging system can be dangerous. Your vehicle may stop suddenly, endangering your family and other motorists around you.

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If you experience any of the following symptoms this could indicate your battery or alternator is failing:

  • Your car is difficult to start or won’t start at all
  • Battery warning light is illuminated
  • Electrical components don’t work
  • Ignition emits a clicking sound when trying to start vehicle

At RAMS Autocare we offer a FREE Battery Performance Test and check your Alternator is charging, we not only can replace your battery but the alternator too if found faulty.


During normal usage, the brake pads wear down over time and need to be replaced once the friction material has worn down to unsafe levels. Contact our team At RAMS Autocare for more information or to arrange an FREE brake inspection if you experience any of the following.

Symptoms your Braking System needs to be Inspected:

  • Squealing or grinding noise when slowing down
  • Braking performance diminished
  • Car pulling to one side when you brake
  • Brake warning light illuminating
  • Brake pedal being hard to press
  • Steering wheel shudders when you brake
  • Your car takes longer to stop than normal

At RAMS Autocare we offer a comprehensive range of Brake services, including brake pad & shoe replacement, rotors and drum replacement or machining, brake fluid flush & inspection of hoses for cracks and leaks. We also supply and fit clutch kits, and machine flywheels.


Having your clutch system inspected and repaired is vitally important for the safety of you, your family and other motorists on the road.

Continuing to drive your vehicle with a failing clutch, may leave you stranded on the side of the road with no drive, or leave you unable to accelerate properly, putting you and other motorists on the road in danger.

Symptoms your Clutch Components are failing:

  • Not able to change gears or they are hard to select
  • Engine RPM (Revs) increasing with no increase in vehicle speed
  • Burning smell from vehicle
  • Clutch pedal goes all the way to the floor.
  • Unable to depress clutch pedal
  • Vehicle Shudders when changing gears
  • Brake fluid leaking around the clutch pedal.

At RAMS Autocare we can do anything from replace a clutch cable right through to the bigger jobs like replace the whole clutch kit call our friendly team for more information.

Timing Belts

The timing belt controls the synchronisation between the crankshaft and camshaft/s. If it is not replaced at the manufacturer’s specified recommendations, it can slip, stretch or break – causing major engine damage, and may leave you stranded with a massive repair bill

If you’re timing belt is not due to be replaced but you’re experiencing any of the following, then you may need to have a Mechanic look at it straight away.

  • Timing belt oil seals leaking
  • Worn edges or ribs on the belt
  • Noisy timing belt or tensioner
  • Guides worn or engine noise

The timing belt must be replaced at the service interval specified by the vehicle manufacturer regardless of whether or not any problem is visible. Please refer to your vehicle owner’s manual or contact our team at RAMS Autocare for more information on service intervals.

Water Pumps

The water pump, is made of aluminum or cast iron, it is located in the engine bay and is part of the Cooling System. It contains an impeller shaft that looks like a fan that circulates water and coolant throughout the cooling system, keeping the engine from overheating.

Why is it important to replace a broken/failing water pump?

A car’s engine generates so much heat that it can damage itself if it is not cooled down. To prevent this, your vehicle has a cooling system which consists of a Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pump, Cooling Fan & Hoses.

The water pump is responsible for circulating coolant throughout the engine block, hoses and radiator. Coolant absorbs heat from the engine, and is then cooled down by the fan. If the water pump malfunctions, the cooling system has no way of sending coolant into the engine, and the engine will overheat, which can cause severe damage. For the water pump to work, it needs to turn. This is accomplished either by the drive belt or timing belt/chain.

Signs of a failing Water Pump:

  • Noisy bearings
  • Vehicle over heating
  • Steam coming from under the bonnet
  • Coolant stains or rusty water marks around the Water Pump

Anytime you notice any of these warning signs, Contact us at RAMS Autocare. We can replace the water pump and get your car back on the road safely without delay.

General Repairs

Rocker Cover Gaskets, Headlights, Tail lights, Window Motors, Windscreens, Door Handles, fitting general body parts and accessories. Call and ask if we can help you with your request, no job is too big or small for our team at RAMS Autocare.


Your car’s suspension is generally out of sight and out of mind, but it plays a crucial role. The suspension does everything from keeping the wheels connected to the road, to providing better grip, braking, and stopping the car from shaking to pieces when travelling.

  • Weak Suspension can cause vehicle to roll
  • Worn front Shockers can be dangerous when braking suddenly
  • Vehicle shakes when travelling over rough terrain

At RAMS Autocare we can help you with Struts, Shock Absorbers, Suspension Bushes, Ball Joints, Springs.

Engine Diagnosis

Knocks, noises, rattles, blowing smoke, oil burning, overheating, seized engine or excessive oil use.

Repairs – Head and Engine Works

Including but not limited to: Cylinder Head Gaskets, Manifold Gaskets, Engine Swaps.

Snap On Scan Tool Diagnostics

Roadworthy Certificates and Safety Inspections


RAMS Autocare is truly your One-Stop Automotive Mechanical & Cooling Shop!

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