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The big question everyone asks is, when & how often should I get my car Air Conditioning Serviced?

A/C systems operate under extremely high pressure, they must be completely sealed to function properly. Over time, the A/C system can develop leaks or component failure. Once any sort of leak has begun, it will eventually cause enough refrigerant to leak out to the point where the A/C will no longer be able to function properly and produce cold air. Once the refrigerant and pressure level of an A/C system drop too low, it must be Re-gassed before it will function properly again.

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It is our recommendation to have your vehicle’s Air Conditioning serviced Annually, like all other parts of your vehicle, your A/C system and components are subject to wear and tear; regular servicing will ensure efficient operation and longevity of your A/C system.

Your A/C system should be run for at least 5 mins every week; during winter we suggest you use it on demist cycle to ensure it is used regularly. By running your A/C system during winter the refrigerant carries the oil that lubricates the compressor and components, it will help to keep these parts well lubricated. It also helps prevent the seals from drying out and cracking which could cause a leak in your vehicles A/C system.

What are the signs your vehicles A/C system needs to be Re-gassed/Serviced?

  • Air Not Cold – If you feel the A/C is not as cold as usual, cannot hear the A/C clutch engaging, or can see refrigerant oil leaks around the compressor or any components, this would indicate a refrigerant leak. Our team of Professional Arctick Licensed Technicians at RAMS Autocare are will properly diagnose and repair your vehicles A/C system and have you motoring in comfort again.
  • Low Gas – If you notice your compressor continuously running and not cycling off, this could indicate your A/C system is Low on Gas. Contact our team at RAMS Autocare to arrange a FREE check and diagnostics.
  • Aircon Noises –If you hear any unfamiliar noises whilst running your vehicles A/C, contact our team at RAMS Autocare to arrange a FREE check and diagnostics.

It is normal to experience a small refrigerant loss each year from the heat and environment your A/C system is subjected to under the bonnet. The heat from your engine can cause the A/C hoses to perish and vibration or rubbing can cause holes or cracks in Aluminium A/C Pipes. During a Regas Service our specialty A/C refrigerant gas recovery stations weigh the refrigerant gas from your system to check refrigerant loss is less than the acceptable 10-20 grams per year. A higher than the acceptable loss of refrigerant will cause extra wear and tear on your system. A poorly functioning system will work your engine harder, resulting in increased fuel consumption and premature wear on your A/C Compressor and other components. Don’t wait till your A/C stops, regular Servicing will ensure efficient operation and help you avoid potential problems in future.

Note – All car air conditioners use refrigerant, which, if leaked into the atmosphere, will contribute to global warming. By law, if a leak exists, all faulty parts must be repaired or replaced before it is refilled with refrigerant. This is why we offer a FREE full Diagnostic check before we Regas any vehicle. Our team are Professional Arctick Licensed Technicians, at RAMS Autocare we will properly diagnose and repair your vehicles A/C system!

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